About Erika Niesner

Director Clarity Multimedia


Director of Clarity Multimedia, Erika Niesner, is a digital editor and multimedia producer with extensive experience across the publishing spectrum – in multimedia production, editorial web management and promotional strategy. 

She has led visual campaigns to increase readership with motion graphics, videos and multimedia, particularly for large medical publishing and scientific organisations including the British Journal of General Practice and the British Museum, and for 10 years she worked as Web Editor of The Lancet medical journal. 

With a degree in behavioural science and diplomas in professional writing & editing and web design, Erika Niesner is skilled at interpreting detailed information for audiences and distilling complexity into succinct visual messages for digital publication. 


Why Clarity Multimedia is different

Erika Niesner has over 20 years’ experience in scholarly publishing, managing web platforms, collaborating with authors and working with partner organisations across the scholarly web ecosystem to increase discovery, access and web usability. She has in-depth knowledge of digital publishing systems, and is an Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).


CMM works with publishers and scientific organisations to develop project plans and deliver projects on time.


Collaboration with subject matter experts is prioritised to balance accuracy and brevity.


CMM's Erika Niesner is experienced and holds qualifications in digital editorial management and multimedia production.